Departures for Mal di
Ventre are carried out EVERY DAY from 1 June until 30 September, the
embarkation point is at OUR OPERATIONAL BASE, open from 09.00 to
19.00, located on the beach of Lungomare Mandriola -Putzu Idu 200 m
from the car parks (marina of San Vero Milis -OR), where you can also
get all the necessary information and book the excursions both today
and in the long term.
From this year it will be possible to rent at our beach, beach and
beach umbrellas for those wishing to spend a day or just a few hours
relaxing at Putzu Idu beach.
        For any excursion it is necessary to book with AT LEAST 24 HOURS in advance and it is necessary to be boarding at least 30 minutes before departure. During the week of August instead it is advisable to book at least a few days before.
The main excursions to
Malu Entu are from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 10:00 to 16:00.
Each excursion has its
departure time bound to the established return time (eg departure at
09.00 return at 13.00 - departure at 10.00 return at 16.00 -
departure at 11.00 return at 17.00 etc.).
The cost of the
excursion (both full day and half day) is € 25.00 for adults and €
15.00 for children from 2 up to 8 years, from 0 to 2 years free.
The service is carried
out with the support of a maxi 10 mt boat. tested and certified
according to law by the technical body r.i.n.a. and the local Port
Authority for rental, leasing and passenger transport.
The commanders of the units are exclusively professionals in the
Charter sector, expert in navigation, with long experience and

The island, from the point of embarkation is 4.7 nautical miles away (about 9 km), in calm sea conditions it takes just under 15 minutes to make the journey, in any case, in order to spend a pleasant day in safety, you do not make excursions with sea over 4/5 strength.
The stay in Mal di
Ventre is about 6-7 hours, it is IMPORTANT therefore to reduce the
luggage to the rest strictly necessary. We recommend: Parasol - Water
- Frigo bag with packed lunch. Transport with deckchairs, chairs,
beaches, etc. is not permitted. etc.
In case of bad weather
conditions, and / or in case you can not make the excursion, the cost
of the service will be fully reimbursed. The excursions are
guaranteed with at least 8/10 passengers booked.
More and more detailed
information directly at the counter at the established times, or at
the telephone numbers that you will find on the "contact"
All excursions are affected by weather forecasts.

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